Sunday, February 6, 2011

~Mainting Health in Proportion~

I am totally hooked to the food channel and trying to find a few great healthier choice of recipes. I love eating and trying out different dishes, who doesn't? But the reason I mention Healthier choice of recipes is because I have constantly been thinking about how we are living and mainly how we are benefiting from it. There are lots of people who eat un-healthy and also over-eat. It frustrates me so I wanted to share some of the facts that I have reading on and listening to. As much as I love to help people, I also love to empower people.

I truly don't believe in dieting. Dieting generally leads to self-hatred making you feel crazy about yourself. There has also been a study that most people don't actually follow their diet scheme. Why I also don't quite believe in diet is mainly because after the diet, people go back to their un-healthy life-style. What's the point then? Its better to just keep eating healthy but in moderate proportion and not over-eat.

It is not that food is a struggle but it's your weight that is really the invitation to Your Best Life. This is absolutely true. At many times, when we feel low, depressed, lonely, over-whelmed and bored, we often reach out to food when really the problem is not the food but with what we are going through. This entirely points out that obsession is a way that most of us break our own hearts over and over again. It is better to deal with whatever needs to be dealt with in that moment than to eat and fall apart further than what we're feeling. Even when you are eating. you constantly feel miserable, right? :-). FOOD JUST DOUBLES THE PAIN.

The relationship with food and the relationship with whatever is going on in one's life, the goodness that one feels and the alignment that one feels when things are working well with thyself is on the direct proportion to how close one is to that which we call "God". The issue isn't about the food but the disconnection one feels from which we call "God". 

"We turn to food when we are not hungry because we are hungry for something we cannot name. A connection to what is beyond the concern of daily life; something sacred but replacing the hunger  for divine connection with "doubled stuffed oreos" is like giving a glass of sand to a person whose dying of thirst and that is what everyone is continuously doing. We are trying to feed ourselves with which we cannot fill us. Obsession gives a plane ticket out of a particular kind of heart-break one has encountered" - Geneen Roth.

Some people feel if s/he doesn't do what pleases the other person then somehow the other person has the power to alienate you. It's not just punishment but it makes you feel utterly destroyed.

Some of the profound ways to best keep healthy is to really: exercise regularly, meditate, find inspiration in good books, go for retreats, and really just stay focused on eating healthy and maintain a well balanced diet with no restrains but enjoyment in proportion.

- Eat when you're Hungry

- Eat sitting in a calm environment

- Eat without distraction.

- Eat what your body can allow.

- Eat until you're satisfied.

- Eat with the intention of being in full view of others.

-Eat with enjoyment and pleasure.

Lets start from now!

- over and out....


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