Saturday, January 22, 2011

"The Feel Good Factor"

So today I attended a seminar held by Psychologist and Nutrition expert, Patrick Holford. He basically talked about how to improve your mood, motivation and memory. He also described the link between Nutrition and mental health. I think it was really an awakening for the way we live. I think most of us are going through an Internal Global warming in our bodies, how he described it. It made real sense because I dont think that we are taking care of ourselves as we are really supposed to. We have the wrong eating patterns, we don't excercise much and we dont have the correct lifestyle. He made each one of us aware of what we are consuming and how much it is affecting us in the long-run and I gotta say it, but its NOT good news! He is absolutely Right!

If we start taking care of ourselves from a younger age then we are most likely to develop a healthier lifestyle. It was so much of a wake-up call for me because some of the symtoms he talked about is what I am going through already at such a young age. I need to really focus on my health and change my diet. I need to start working out again aswell.

We ought to change our lifestlye or we are in serious trouble once we get older. 

His book is a must read "The Feel Good Factor" (- Patrick Holford.)

Good night :-)

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