Friday, January 14, 2011


Hmm... I think I have been sitting back way too long to realize that I have the potential to do better. I have let people speak for me and allowed to be run-over for a long time now. BUT now I feel a lot stronger and more empowered to work on things that have held me back for a long long time!
It's important to make your own choices and not let other people around make them for you. Its also importnat to realize the difference between critisizm and helpful cirisizm.

Feeling the need to fix what's not right and closing that chapter of my life. I want to feel free and happy again!!

This year is probably going to be the most important year yet, mainly because I have to make some pretty heavy decisions regarding my job and of course, the BIG move. Yes, the big move to NY later this year. As much it sounds exciting, its also quite stressful making all thesechoices, but I guess when you know you're doing it for the right reasons, it all falls in to place. & for some strange reason after going through a pretty emotional period of my life off late, things are slowly falling in to place. I guess my Prayers are really being heard and answered :). Diffilcult times are always going to be a part of life; its just the way we go about it. I would put it this way, if it werent for those difficult times, we wouldn't be able to grow from it!

After I got my acceptance letter for the Language centre I applied for in NY last year, it was a moment I can't quite forget. I was in awe! I often think of the Big Move to NY, well even though it will be for 6months at the time, it's still a Big move for me. I can't help but feel that once I get there and begin a complete new, I will feel a whole lot balanced and may be a whole lot more happier. I want to be at peace and contentment. A life like this might appear to be a little loony to some people but I guess its the way I'd like to proceed. Most of this year will be truly finding myself, cultivating new frienships/relationships, letting go & finding happineds and work even hardrer.
& I'm out.

Peace & <3. 

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