Saturday, January 1, 2011

To a New start, A new beginning!

Hope Everyone had a great NYE.... Hmmm wow! I am feel super about this year, already!

I feel like I have broken out of a nut-shell and gained a lot of confidence. I have this feeling that this year is going to be really great. I have truly experienced a lot of things this past year. I have had a better chance to gain more awareness on life, relationships and my career. ##BRAND NEW ATTITUDE!!! =)

With the help of a few good books that I have been reading this past year, I feel like I am transitioning in to the New Year with more hope and positivity. If I could sum up my life and sum up what people could do with their lives, it would be "people become what they think" I can feel this mass of energy and its exciting! I want to throw away all the negativity and mistakes and begin afresh. My mind is a lot clearer. A lot of the time, we have this tendency to keep dwelling over un-neccessary things  that ruin us, leaving us feeling warn out when we might have missed the opportunity to be happy, laugh and may be do somehting good with that time rather than worrying.

This year, I want to achieve all things that I have set out to do. I want to keep doing good and try em-power more youth to join me. I am trying to be a lot more stronger and leaving all un-neccessary negativity behind. That's what I love about the New Year; I love having learn't from so many mistakes and how we have the power to change things, to become better and most importantly to keep going on.""So tonight gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf,
And just enjoy yourself"
- Michael Jackson

A true lesson to self to see every single opportunity, no matter how small, as one that can be beneficial. Lesson learned. Wishing you all all the Love & Joy for 2011 :).

Love Always xoxo

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